Tuesday, May 21, 2013

1st Email May 21, 2013

So I didn't get a single email from you guys!? What the heck! I did get mom's Dear Elder letter. But the only people I have heard from was mom, grandma, Jason. Anna (Jason's mom), and taralyn. So I would like to thank them!!! I was so excited to get letters and emails! I actually understand now why it is missionaries make it such a big deal! So I LOVE it here at the MTC. It is challenging with the language. But I thought it would be more difficult the first week. Everyone always says to just make it to Sunday. And I made it! We have now taught our investigator three times. He "only" speaks Portuguese so it was definitely challenging. But me and Sister King felt so good after our third lesson. We had the spirit with us that time and it just went really well. Even though we did struggle with communicating, the feeling in the room was peaceful and we could tell the spirit was with us. So I ablsolutely love sundays. It was incredible. Especially Relief Society with all us sisters. We started out singing "As Sisters in Zion" but with MTC lyrics. The spirit was so strong I honestly have no words to describe how I felt and how I know every single sister in that room felt. I definitely needed that. And honestly, I ahve never before in my entire life felt closer to heaven than I did during those few minutes as we stood and sung that song. I hope to get the lyrics they made for that song because they are just amazing. So I just realized I am being times and I only have 30 seconds left... But I love it here and it has definitely increased my testimony a ton! I love you all!
Love Sister Stokes

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