Monday, August 19, 2013

Monday, August 19th

So last week I had pretty much the funnest contact yet on the mission. It was with a man named Antonio. He was so funny. He just thought that we were funny and he really liked us. I don't know what it was. But we just had so much energy and we were just so lively! Ha. But for him it was perfect and we will meet with him this week. So I hope it works out! Cause I like talking with him! Oh. I got the package! Thank you! Though there has to be another way to send it that is cheaper... One of the RM´s that got home in march and is now teaching at the MTC said his mom could send one of those envelope and stuff it full and it was always no more than $15... Cause I feel bad asking for anything if it costs so much... So... last week was sooo hard on me one of the days. Because Maria (a lady that is sooo awesome and cute and she would tell us that she loves us! And the Portuguese just don't say that! So it is a big deal. Lol. We were so excited about it!) But I just loved her from our first meeting, but she told us that she loves the spirit that she feels and the peace we bring when we go to her home. But basically that she isn't ready to make any changes. It was so hard for me not to cry while she was talking to us. She said she believes all good things when people talk to her about God. In all church's. And just things like that. And it was so hard on me as I was listening to what she was saying and how it pains me that there are so many people in the world that are so confused because of all the Church's and can't find true peace because they don't know which one is truly right and many people just give up. But Maria ended up dropping us in the nicest way that she could. So that night I cried... Sister Brooks came over to me and just hugged me. It helped. But it still just makes me so sad. We had interviews with Mission President last week and I talked to him about that... It was embarrassing! I ended up crying in front of President! But I couldn't hold it in because I love Maria and I wanted the gospel to bless her life so bad! And I knew it would make her happy. But darn agency... and their decision they don't want anything before they truly know what it is we have and how it really can bless their lives kills me... But thats just all part of the mission. Finding those who are ready and willing to listen and then act. So we have a new District Leader! Elder Andrade (He was here for a week) got emergency transfered out. Cause he has family here and an x-girlfriend. And maybe more reasons who knows. But that is all that I know. But the knew Elder is super awesome! He came in at the same time as Elder Richins and Elder Dunford. So they are already best friends. So it's awesome! I love our zone so much! (cause our district of 8 got split in two... so now it is only four and four-which I guess is usual but I don't like it) Though! Sis. Brooks mentioned it to President about how we loved being one district and how for district meetings each week we are only in the next room from each other doing the same thing... so. He said he would think about it. And then said how we are going to be separated one day you know? But we know! We just don't want that time to be now! Ha. So we met this 18 yr. old on the street and we ended up talking with him for about an hour! And in English! Ha. He likes speaking in English so we did. He knows like four languages plus two more that he is working on. He says he loves learning languages. Crazy right!? He is really smart. but he works literally all the time so we can't meet up with him until school for him starts. So like September sometime. Aldo, is one of our new investigators we met on the street. He said he kinda believes in God. It's funny. There are people that say that. Sometimes they do, other times they don't. It's funny. Cause I would think you either do or you don't you know? But we met up with him at the church to teach him. And Irmã Carla said that she would come down from the activity upstairs in the church to teach with us (because we can't be alone with a man) But she didn't end up coming down because she was one of the leaders for the activity. (It was for the Young men and Young women) So she said to invite him up to join with them. so... ya. We did. The beginning spiritual thought was really good. But it was just funny because he is like + or - 50 years old. But after that we went downstairs and asked someone else to come down so we could talk to him real quick. So we gave a really quick 1st lesson. I think it was actually really good for being quick. But Sis. Brooks wasn't happy about it. But we are going to make up for it next time! And we will make sure when we ask a member to come it is for certain! That was a little bit sad that she didn't come when she said she would. But maybe he needed to hear the spiritual thought. (: OH! I tried these ketchup chips and they are soooo good! I probably should not have tried them! So I am going to try to avoid them now because they are addicting. But so good! Do you know if we have those in America? They are the Ruffles brand I think? But they are delicous. Also! I tried my first Bueno Bar as well! So good! So... we have bed bugs! I am being eaten alive! Ha. Not literally but my legs itch! Before I first got there they put these leaves under the beds and under the sheets because they have already been having problems with it. But now it is escalating.... So we got permission to start to look for a different place to live. Plus only one shower and one toilet work. In the two different bathrooms. And we have mold, and the apartment is just ancient and gross... so ya! Ha. The beauties of a mission. (: JK. Though the Elders have an amazing apartment! It is newer and big and clean and nice! Yeah, lots of "and's. So we are hoping to find one soon! On Sunday, we ran into Milton! Someone we met on the street only once before. We stopped and sat with him at the outside tables of a Cafe. He is sooo funny! And sooo honest! Like bluntly honest. He is black and he apparently likes me too. Lol. But I didn't truly figure that out until afterwards. But he did keep telling me how I was pretty and he loved how I held myself, like my posture and how it was elegant. And that my eyes just were full of truth and light. That I am beautiful on the outside, but that I am more beautiful on the inside. And that if he had met me in America, before my mission. He would date me. Haha. That is the third time someone here has told me that I have truth in my eyes. Or something along those lines. I don't really understand it but I am taking it as a good thing. It's like they can see into my soul or something. Yeah, but I thought it was funny. He was so nice though! Secretly, it really did make me feel so good. :) It was like a "pick-me-up" Anyways, yeah. The work is still going good! We are still trying to get people to church! And trying to find more people to teach! And not only those that think we are cute so they want to talk to us. Ha. But, some days are better than others. But we are always so happy at the end of the day. So it is good! Though, I think Sara fell off the face of the earth.... We can't find her anywhere! We think she did end up moving and her phone is off... So. It is so sad. Cause she was so cool and she already was developing a testimony... I have faith she will find the missionaries wherever it is that she went! Well. I hope all is well at home! And try to have scripture study everynight as a family! They are so amazing and they really make such a difference when we read them frequently! I know because I have never loved my scriptures more than I do now! They are a blessing and they always make you feel happy. It is the craziest thing! So you just know they are of God. (: Well, I love you guys! 
Love Sister Amanda Stokes

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