Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Yes I got transferred! I am in Benfica. So literally in the central of Lisbon. I live literally right next to the mission office! So I am excited cause I can get everything right away! And I finally got the package!!! And I love it! Thank you so much! It has been here for a while. I just haven't been able to get it and no one wanted to bring it with them back up. Ha. But thats ok. I have it now! So my new companion is Sister Wach. But it is pronounced walk. She is super sweet! This is the smallest apartment though. My last one was so big! But this is only a two Sister apartment... So it will be sad... But, we get tons of other sisters staying with us because we are the "mission office sisters." Ha. So I am excited. I don't think I can send pictures because they aren't loading on this computer.... But I will try again. But I don't have much time today. But Catia will be baptized on the 9th!!!! I am sooo sad that I will miss that.... Cause I love her so much. But that is a part of mission life. I am just so happy that she will be baptized! We were still working on the smoking thing. But she is doing a lot better! So we know she can quit in time! Well. I love you all so much!!! Until next week! (And I will be able to write more!) 
Love Sister Amanda Stokes

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