Monday, November 18, 2013

Yes I got the girl's letters!!! Thank you for making them write me!!!! Oh I loved hearing from them so much! They are so cute. And I think it would be good just to send it all in one box. I would think it would be cheaper that way anyway, and it would be harder for it to go missing because the box would be big. Ha. And I have so many more pictures to send! Ha. I don't think I can send them all. But I will send as many as I can. So we just got a new rule that we can't use computers outside of church computer's! I am not happy with this rule because now all missionaries have to share computers! In Viseu it was perfect because there was a computer cafe that was free! And it had new super nice computers. And now they won't be able to use that. And they will all have to take turns using the computers at the church. And for us, we use the computer in the basement in the mission office now. But there is only one and it is super slow. So it is frusterating. I feel bad for all missionaries. It takes away from our P-day time because we have to spend so much more time, or we have to cut our computer time to be able to have more time to go out and do things. And yeah!!! I haven't heard from that girl since I left that punk! Ha. And I ran out of her cute little notes she hid in all my stuff. :) Yeah, I would love one of dad's pumpkin pies!!! But ya, it probably would be quite scary by the time it got here. Ha. And we aren't sure yet. We are going to see if we can do a thanksgiving party with the ward. Ha. We will see if they are willing. :) Holliday's on the mission are really sad... Atleast Halloween was. We did a Halloween party in Viseu that Saturday before transfers. But the day of the 31st we didn't do anything cause it was a normal missionary day. Though like that picture, Sister Wach gave us that "Halloween Surprise" meal. Ha. She is so funny. And I don't remember if you can take pictures or not. I am sure you should be able to. Though there were certain things they said you couldn't. So I'm not sure. Are  you going to record it? Cause I want to see it when I come home! I am sure the dances are super cute! Oh I miss clogging so much! Ha. So I got a little letter from Sister Warburton's brother! Cause we all wrote him a little note because I guess he had a hard day at work and so we all decided to write him a little something. And he sent back a little something to all of us. Well, I had already left Viseu, So Sis. Warburton sent it to me. And I forgot he had served his mission in Las Vegas! So he said "My last area on my mission was in the Desert View Ward in the Las Vegas South Stake. I think it was just inside Henderson. Still, when Cath tells me she's got a comp from the Silver State they already have a place in my heart! Thanks for your note, enjoy the chocolate and serving with Cath!" So I can't remember who is in the Desert View Ward or if we know them. Ha. But I thought that was cool. Oh he is such a goof. He sent us pictures of himself, three in a row, in the positions of saying "I love you" with his hands. And on the back of the pictures he wrote the I then the Love and then the You. (On each corresponding picture) He sent it to all four of us. Ha. So now I have three pictures of Sis. Warburton's brother in my journal. :) Oh man. It was funny though. And I am good on clothes I think. I have a warm jacket. I have that white snow jacket I got on sale before I left. :) Well, maybe tights would be nice. not the thin kind, but not the ridiculously thick gross looking kind. :) That would be great! In tan, black, and maybe brown. That would be good. So I can at least match them. :) I had just boughten gloves last P-day cause I realized I didn't bring any... And about that box I sent home. If you haven't opened it already you can! But some of it is for Christmas. But I wasn't able to wrap any of it. But yeah. I put a little sticky note in there somewhere that talks about everything that is in there. So our investigator Arlindo (He is the grandpa of the cute 10 yr old girl Jessica) We found out that last sunday after the member dropped him off from church, and tried going up the stairs by himself (He can't walk good at all because he is paralyzed on one side (though he has a tiny tiny bit of control and movement but really not much) and he had fallen... We feel so bad! And we didn't realize he had left with the member already... So he didn't end up coming to church this last sunday because he just hasn't been walking at all. We are going to get him a blessing this week. Last week we had a brigadeiro activity. We made brigadeiros! They are this chocolate treat. They are super yummy. But we made them using the microwave! Ha. It was a Joven and young adult activity. Only one investigator ended up coming. But she loved it! And she even went to young women's that week too! It is nice because she already has a friend in the Ward, Arlene. They go to the same school. After that we visited Jessica with a member named Marisa. We couldn't stay too long because Marisa has to be home by 9:30 and she lives about a 40 min walk away. More like 45. So we left and we ended up having to run\walk. And we didn't feel good about letting her walk the rest of the way home alone. So we knew we would be a little bit late and we would have to call our zone leaders. But we wouldn't let her walk alone. So we speed walked home. But once we hit the point next to the stadium, there was an explosion of people!!!! The soccer game had just ended and we were encircled about by tons of people!!!! I have never been so close to so many people since before I left! Ha. It was so strange because as missionaries, we don't touch people. But here, I couldn't do anything about it! And there was one point where me and Sis. Wach lost eachother! It was scary!!! She got through, but I got trapped behind and couldn't find a way through to catch up to her. It was a long 15 seconds! Actually, it was probably more than that. But I didn't like it. But we finally got out and ahead, but by then we were going to be even later. So we had to call them again and tell them we would't make it home even by ten... They were not happy with us at all! We felt so bad. We thought we would be able to make it, but that rush of people stopped us, and we couldn't even walk for a little. It was crazy!!! I haven't seen so many people in such a long time! It was Portugal against Sweden. And Portugal won! (We asked a nice looking young man ha) But we booked it home when we got free of the people. And I honestly have absolutely no idea how we went so fast! We ran the whole way!!! And I know I never could have done that! Especially at the end of the day. Even in general because there are hills and just walking is hard. It should have taken us at least 25 minutes to make it home. But we got home in 15! It was incredible! I don't think we could ever do that again. Ha. I don't even know how we did it that time. Sister Wach said we had angels at our sides helping us make it home quickly. I actually believe that too. The Elders were even surprised because we had told them where we were. And they told us to run. So we did! And with great time! So just last night we met a super cool guy named Rugo. He speaks english and he learned it because he has a girlfriend that lives in New York. Ha. And they skype eachother! That would be a hard relationship. He says he visits several times a year. I didn't ask how long they have been dating. But he is super cool and super nice. We are meeting with him this week to talk more. :) But I hope all is well at home! Things here are great! It is starting to get colder here though! They say it will be really cold this week... :( It has been so nice so that is sad. Well, I love you all so much! 
Love Always,
Sister Stokes

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