Monday, June 9, 2014

This week we found an amazing women named Ana. And Fernanda who we found last week is still amazing! I don't think I told her story yet? Fernanda lives in an area where you would not normally think to go. It looked as if no one lived there and was in a ways. But we had felt we should go there and see. The little area where she lives has 6 mailboxes next to the little gate you pass through. But the whole lot looks almost abandoned like no one lives there. But we saw one door that someone lived in for sure. Her door was the first one we knocked. And she answered! As we talked we came to find out that she has a friend who is a member of the church in Lisboa. She said she has already been thinking a lot about our church, and how she doesn't agree that their pastors' don't marry. (She is Catholic) Her friend had also left her a pamphlet to read. As we talked to her, she could feel our love for her and she started to cry. She said how she is having a hard time. She is alone and she works a lot. And she has a lot of questions and doubts. (Perfect! We have the answers!)  We left her with the first pamphlet. She said she would read it, and we then marked our next appointment with her. When we showed up for our appointment, she wasn't there! We were soooo sad! We just kept saying, there is no way it is because she isn't interrested. She was so excited to talk to us. She had cried and thanked us, and she had given me the biggest fluffiest hug! There is just no way. She must have forgotten. So we left a church invite card under her door. Then we left. Later. Around 6, we felt we should return to her house and see if she had returned home. We knocked.... And she opened the door! She said she literally got home a few minutes ago! She also said she got our card and that it made her happy! She said when she got the invite, she knew that she needed to go to church the next day. But she was a little nervous. Then, the fact that we showed up in person, she said it was for sure what she needed to do, and what God wanted her to do. She basically testified that we were truly sent from God. (We are seeing so many blessings since we started truly trying, with REAL INTENT, to be consecrated missionaries! Our investigators can truly FEEL the difference) It was the sweetest thing. We talked to her a little, and left her with a prayer.  She said she would go, but that it doesn't mean she is changing religions. Ha. We then said of course, and promised her she would feel a sweet spirit there. Sunday arrived.... and she didn't make it! We caught her just leaving her house later that afternoon, and she said she couldn't make it because her sister had fallen. So she went to her house all worried. The second is Ana! She is amazing. She felt abondoned by God. She is having problems with her family, and simply feels alone. And she said that she isn't quite so sure anymore that God is truly there. We read her a scripture using the Book of Mormon. She loved it! When we offered her the book, she asked how much it was. We told her it was free. As she took it, she held onto it like it was the most precious thing she had. When we use the scriptures in our contacts that apply directly to our potential investigators. They realize that this book has answers specifically for them, they can feel the power of the Book of Mormon in our first contact, and feel the spirit and truly recognize us as servants of the Lord. They will also have a much greater desire to receive and then read The Book of Mormon. She left with tears, and with a re-found belief that God is truly there, and with a knowledge of our love for her.And I left with an even greater love for others, missionary work, and for the Book of Mormon! Sometimes I think I will be so full of love my heart just won't be able to handle it anymore and it will explode. But there is always so much more room than I thought! I love being a missionary!!!! I love having the opportunity to show people how much I love them, and even more importantly, to show them just how much their Father in Heaven loves them! And I just love these people so much! This week was a rough week, but an amazingly blessed week as well. For the Lord has blessed us with Fernanda and Ana. :) Never forget how much the Lord loves you! I hope you have a fabulous week! (And don't forget to tell the ones you love that you love them! And then show that love through an act of kindness :)...) Till next week!
Love Always,
Sister Stokes
p.s. Sorry, this week I didn't take pictures. Well I took pictures of Irmã. Haha. But she doesn't want me to send those. :) Love you!

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