Monday, November 3, 2014

One More Week :)

First I don't have a lot of time. So anyone I didn't get to emailing back. I just didn't have time to write back. But thank you so much for the emails!!! :)
 So this week was AMAZING! Nuno is progressing so well! He is so fantastic!!! (Joaquim´s friend- the one that went to his baptism) He should be baptized on sunday! So excited!!!!! Him and Antonio! AND we have had another eternal investigator, Sabastião. He has been so faithful in going to church every sunday for months. But never has been baptized and always says "calma calma" hahaha. He always says he will be baptized... but never says when.... and doesn't accept dates.... But he is the cutest old man! I don't remember if I mentioned him before. But he is the one that pretty much thinks we are his grandchildren. I love him to pieces!!!! But we met with him with a less active member. And when we all got there, apparently they knew eachother!!! It was super cool. And the less active- his name is also Joaquim- is actually fantastic! I would never have guessed he was a less active! He is amazing! He is coming back though! I think he just needed someone to reach out to him. But we asked Joaquim why he was baptized and why baptism is important. He explained it so perfectly and the spirit was definitely there, and you could see it in Sabastião's eyes that he knew he needed to be baptized. So right after Joaquim stopped talking. There was a small pause, and then I asked " Então, Sabastião, quando vais ser batizado?" And he said "em breve" he gave us that answer a couple times, as well as that it would be a surprise. and then Joaquim, explained that baptism is something that needs to be planned and he can´t just let us know the day before or even two or three. Then, Sabastião said with a lot of energy might I add "Quinta Quinta!!!" "Quinta Feira!!" then right after "Sexta Feira" haha. He changed his mind to Friday. But Sabastião is going to be baptized on Friday!!!!!! Can I just say how happy and excited we were!?? I wanted so badly to see him be baptized! I was getting sooooo soooo sad because the transfer is coming to a close, and he still wasn't accepting a date.... Oh he was so happy!!!! And I had told him how badly I wanted to see him baptized before I left. He then asked when. Oh it was so cute. When I told him he was so sad!!!! But he is ready. He has been ready. And I am soooo happy that I will be able to see him be baptized!!! The Lord is so good! So we should be having three baptisms this week! :) OH! So this week I ate cow tongue and pig ear. Gross! ha. It actually wasn't that bad! I will just have to show pictures later. These computers are slow and we don't have time! We are going to go bowling!!!! yeah! ha. Well I love you all so much! I can't believe this will be my last email! That freaks me out! But I just LOVE this gospel and I LOVE  being able to help others come to the knowledge of it. I love you all! Have a fantastic week! 
Love Always,
Sister Amanda Stokes

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