Monday, April 21, 2014

This week we have seen so many miracles! It just goes to show that the Lord like to prove our faith. Even when we are truly trying to do all we can. Things don't always go the way we want. I have definitely been learning the attribute of patience a lot within the last week. But Helena finally made it to church!!!!! Oh I was sooo happy! We met her at the bus stop and walked together to church. What made it even more amazing is that in the morning when she left her house, it was sprinkling/raining. The portuguese hate leaving their homes when it rains. Plus she does not live close. And we still had to walk 15 minutes to get to the church. (plus it may have helped that I had left my jacket at her house on accident and she said she would bring it for me ha) But the fact is she came! And she liked it! And! After, we had our Easter lunch with Irmã Fatima and her family. And Helena was also invited! I know it meant a lot to her. Cause no one had invited her over for Easter and she would have spent it alone. Also, I have grown so much appreciation for the Elders and for the priesthood. Yesterday, the Elders helped us bless two members with the sacrament. One was Rosa. She is our less active who lost her legs. And she is having treatments every other day-dialysis? But she is amazing. She has so much joy even with all she is going through. When we went over to her house with the Elders, we went into her bedroom and closed the door (She was also having a party in the other room with family- I love African people!!!!) Sang a hymn, then we prayed. Then the Elders commenced with blessing and giving the sacrament. It was one of the most spiritual experiences I have had recently. The happiness that it brought Rosa was just so precious. Then. Irmã Sidalha. She had asked Bishop for someone to come to her home so that she could take the sacrament-because she wouldn't be able to make it to her house. She waited and waited. And no one came. At the very end of the day. We passed her house at a little after 9. She told us her situation. And I felt strongly that we needed to call the Elders and see if they could help us a second time in giving the sacrament. We knew it was a little late. But we truly felt we needed to. Luckily the Elders were available. After it all. Irmã Sidalha just cried. She bore testimony about how Heavenly Father truly was aware of her and sent us to her. She had begun to feel like she had been completely forgotten. It truly was just so precious! I know that that is true. Heavenly Father is aware of all His children. And us, as missionaries, don't always know who needs our help. But Heavenly Father does. OH it just made me sooo happy!!!! And something our Zone leaders told us was so funny. So we haven't been having very good numbers as a zone- in regards to success. But on Saturday we had a competition with the Elders. It was Irmã's idea because she had a revelation! She said we would have 10 lessons and 4 new potential investigators. And, at the end of the day we had 10 lessons and 5 new potential investigators!!! AH!!!! We were soooo happy!!! The Elders also did really well. I don't remember their numbers. But it truly was fabulous. And so when the Zone leaders got our numbers. They sent a txt saying "Resuscitamos com a Páscoa!" Translation: We resurrected with Easter! Hahaha. It was funny. Well, I love you all soooooo much! Stay safe! And make good choices! And just love life! Because life is just so amazing and it passes oh so fast! So make every day count!!! And I know, I can't believe that I am on my way to my 1 year mark. That is just craziness! Till next week!!!! And HAPPY-late- EASTER!!!!!! (I don't think I said that in my last email. Haha.)
Love Always,
Sister Amanda Stokes :)
p.s. I hope Mom and Tyson both had fabulous birthdays!!!!!! Love you both soooo much!!!! Thank you for everything!!!!

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