Monday, April 7, 2014

This week we met some really cool people. We met a family from Cabe Verde. It is a mother and a son. (At least those that were at home at the time) We have high hopes for them. In the end the mom was calling us princesses. Haha. She is the sweetest thing! Though the only hard thing is she works EVERY DAY. And long hours. And she doesn't have days off. Only randomly. And not often. So that will be a challenge. But with the son, he has more time to meet with us. :) And the times when his mom is there we will review and we will also tell him to talk to her about what he is learning. It will be great! Also, we met with Helena and Julia and Nakita. They are all fabulous! We are being blessed with meeting really amazing people. The problem these women have is they live so far from the church... It takes about an hour to walk to their houses. Though there are buses. :) But it still makes it difficult. So getting them to church will be hard...  But up till now no one has officially accepted baptism. But we are working on it! Though this past week. We heard that one of our members had decided to go back to his old church! Oh it broke my heart! He had gone out and helped us for hours one day! I honestly have no idea what happened! This is Daniel. And what is even more sad and heartbreaking, is he is taking one of our recent converts with him. Because they are dating. We have been trying to meet with her. But she always has a reason as to why it won't work... I am really worried... Me and my companion are having a hard time because of it... It is so hard to be in a situation like this because there is literally almost nothing we can do... It is all in the Lord's hands. But it just breaks my heart seeing how much the choices we make affects others... She didn't go to any session of conference... And I know she could have. So we are really worried. Well, onto better news. We have an investigator named Helena. She is amazing!  She told us to talk to some of her neighbor friends. And as a result we are now teaching Lucia. :) They both have a lot of faith! And Lucia talked with the Elders in the past! So she remembers a lot. She is super nice. She just has a problem with alcohol and smoking. But we will help her. :) You  know. It was crazy. I don't have much in regard to material things on the mission. But I still at moments feel like I have almost too many nice things. It is the weirdest things. Like with my watch. It is pretty and good quality. And at moments I find myself twisting it upside down to hide its fanciness because, well I don't know! It is the weirdest thing. But I have never felt so blessed in my life. Spiritually and physically. And I have never truly realized or felt with such great force, how unimportant material things are. And I have never truly realized, just HOW important PEOPLE are! I feel like I am seeing with completely new eyes! Anyways. I am still happy! And I am loving my mission! I hope life is treating you all well! Know that I love you and pray for you. Oh!!! And HAPPY BIRTHDAY TY!!!!!! I hope you have a fabulous birthday! And that this past year was full of fabulous experiences that have helped you grow into an even better person! I love you and am so greatful to have you as my brother!
Love Always,
Sister Amanda Stokes

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