Monday, May 12, 2014

Family!!! :)
Ah!!!!! Talking to you all was amazing! Right when I heard mom´s voice the tears just came down! I hope you didnt notice. Haha. But it made me just oh so happy! I miss you all so much! I just cried after. But then I recovered and I am perfectly happy. I feel like that veil was just put up again. As missionaries I think we have some sort of veil to help us focus and work. Ha. So, this past week was incredible!!!! Helena was baptized! Her story is truly an amazing story. So 7 months ago she lost her husband, and has been struggling with heartache and as well problems with finances. She also had to decide between two churches to join. She had just prayed to God to help her in this decision, to know which of these church's she should join and if one had more truth than the other. At this same time, we were having difficulties in finding new people to teach. There is a verse in the scriptures that says that God will prepare His elects in the suburbs. So, we said, "Let´s Go!" We went far into our area, an hour´s walk. And we started knocking doors. And behind one of these door´s, was Helena! She let us in, we introduced ourselves... and wah lah! She recognized us as servants of the Lord. And the timing was so perfect, she couldn't deny it as a response from the Lord. Though she had a really hard time accepting baptism because she was already baptized and didn't want to do something wrong in the sight of the Lord by being baptized a second time. But we kneeled in prayer with her. She asked Heavenly Father if this was the right step she needed to take in her life. After the prayer, we sat in silence (we told her beforehand to do so and to pay attention to her feelings and wait for an answer from the Lord) After we asked her how she was feeling and if she had received and answer. She said she felt at peace. We helped her recognize that as an aswer from God, and how if it was not the right thing, she wouldn't feel at peace at that moment. She made the connection and we invited her to be baptized again, and she accepted! She was baptized this past Saturday, May 10th , and confirmed yesterday. After her baptism, she told us that she had prayed to God to be sure she didn't just do something wrong in His eyes by being baptized a second time. (Cause her first baptism was by immersion and she was 30 years old). Then she said she received an answer so clear, the words came to mind as if speaking to her "you did the right thing. When you were baptized the first time, you were not yet married to your husband and therefore were not keeping the commandments of God" She felt such a peace in regards to her baptism after that confirmation! It was the sweetest thing to experience and to see her happiness and joy as she realized that this new path she has taken is truly in accordance with the will of the Lord. I have learned so much from Helena! And I hope and pray she stays firm in the faith! So that is the big news! :) We also have this other investigator José. He is incredible! He knows almost nothing about God. Has never read the Bible or anything. But he is progessing fabulously!!! We are excited! He has already felt and recognized the spirit. :) I will keep you updated on him! He is a single man. And his house is decorated so beautifully it looks like a woman did it. But he lives alone! Ha. He has good taste. :) Well, I love you alll soooo much!!! Stay Safe!
Love Always,
Sister Amanda Stokes :)

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