Monday, May 19, 2014

 me and Irmã at the beach!!!!!

 The beach! With flowers. :)
Me and Mayara (member)

 My footprints on the sand. :) 
Yea, not a very attractive picture. lol. 
And Fabrícia didn't quite make it into the air. haha.
 I think Elder Mehl has a better one on his camera. 

 me mayara and fabrícia
my name tag! 

 Me and Castro (member) 
me and Irmã!

Ha, It looks like a jungle almost! 
 Did you know that there was a international day of the family?? And that that day was on my one year mark!? :) 15th of may! haha. I still just can't believe it that I am already past my one year mark!
my 1 year mark, Elder Walker´s 4 month mark, Sister Cardoso´s 7 month mark, and Elder Mehl´s 20th Birthday!!!! :)
  Me and Nuno

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