Monday, August 18, 2014

so this week was so blessed!!! We got a new investigator named Jose. He was a reference from our member. For he is her boyfriend. Can I just say that it was already part of the plan for him to receive the gospel in his life. And when we taught about the restoration. The spirit filled that room completely! It was so thick I am sure you could have cut it with a knife. It was a very emotional lesson. And the joy that it brought monica is undescribable. Jose´s conversion, is definitely an emotional one. And what is so amazing is he is doing it completely for himself. Not for her. He got emotional as well. And he definitely felt the spirit. He already has a testimony. He is marked for the 23rd. :) And we initially weren't even praying about that date. We had three other dates picked out. But then after praying we felt that it should be sooner. And that we didn't need to wait. So we prayed about the 23rd and we both felt good about it. When we talked to Monica about it. She said that that date was incredible because it was the only weekend she had off work and it had only just recently happened. All the other weekends/days wouldn't work out. She even said what a miracle that was. And when we gave him the invite to be baptized, he knew it was coming because we showed the picture of Christ´s baptism. But he didn't hesitate a second to say yes. The spirit was sooo strong! Can I just say how much I love being able to be a part of these kinds of experiences. Seeing lives change and see the light of the gospel literally just bless the lives of everyone who is willing to listen and act. I truly believe that I am one of the most blessed and even spoiled person on earth. Oh right! So we had transfers! And.... I am staying!!! and sister Decker is leaving. She is going to Porto. So way up North. We were both super sad.... And I am going to be training!!!!! I am excited and nervous. Ha. It will be hard being the one that has to hold pretty much all the responsibility and have a comp that won't understand the people. So I will probably be talking most the time in our lessons. It will be weird when I will look at my comp. to say something and then realize, right, she probably isn't following very well.... I remember that when I was here at the beginning of my mission. I used to think. I have no idea what these people are saying! Haha. I felt bad for my comp because I couldnt' help out much... So now, I will be on the other end of it. It is funny. Cause I told Heavnely Father that I was completely ok with not ever training. In fact, I never really wanted too.... But of course. The time finally came where I couldn't get out of it any longer. Ha. But it will be good. I am actually super excited. We will see miracles! and we will make a ward here in Quinta do Conde. That is our goal. :) (Cause the Stake President wants to skip the branch and go straight to a ward) Anyways, I am super happy! I am currently with Sister Briggs. cause she will also train. (We are in the same district) And we told each other that we have to pray for each other. Ha. We are both a little nervous. So prayers would be wonderful! Well, I hope you know how greatful I am for all of you and for the strength you have. I love you so much! Stay safe!
Love Always,
Sister Amanda Stokes :)

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