Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Tuesday, June 4th 3rd week

Dear Familia,
So here are some pictures. The cupcakes are from Jason's mom. I was so excited when I got them. That was really nice of her to do that. I put in a picture of my bed (: Ha. So you can see what it looks like and I posted some of my pictures on the wall. The one with the elder wearing glasses, yes, those are my glasses. ha. he wanted to see them. He says he is on the verge of needed glasses and wanted to try mine on. And I thought it was funny so I took a picture. In the one of me and Sister King. We are wet becuase that night we got locked out of our room! And we all left our keys in the room! So we had to run over to the front desk to get a spare key. But since we were all ready for bed we had to go around the building because it is a dedicated builing so they made us go around, and lo and behold, it was pouring rain! Sister King described it as "a waterfall from the sky" haha. we counted to three and ran! At the end sister king held the key up high all triumphantly and said we got it. haha. it was so funny! Oh, and at one point I stepped in a hidden puddle (or I just wasn't paying attention) and it scared me so bad that I let out a squeel! ha. It made Sister King laugh. I was super embarassed. But yeah so we took a picture when we got back to our room. Ok so I have like no time left... But this past week has been amazing! I know we are being so blessed with the language. And it is so crazy! I can tell the difference between how good I am with the language depending upon whether I have the spirit or not. Cause when I don't it is so much harder for me to call upon words but when I have it I can talk so much better and the words just come! It is the coolest thing! I love it. And I am so grateful becuase I have been so comforted since I have gotten here. Like, I should and would normally be stressing a ton with everything I have to do and everything that is required of me. But I feel at peace and I just feel fabulous! But I am out of time sadly. So I just want everyone to know how much I love it here! And how involved the Lord is in this work! It is so amazing! I love you all and I will make sure I leave more time for me to write longer next week! I love you guys so much and I miss you!
Love your daughter and sister (and friend!)
Sister Amanda Stokes

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