Monday, March 3, 2014

Brooke is getting married this weekend!!!! OH I am so happy for her! But I just might cry when the day arrives and I am not there to be there for her.... But I know I am exactly where I need to be. So, I got transferred!!!!! Oh my heart just got ripped out. I love the people in Benfica just oh so much!!!!! The sweet family of Benvindo made me a goodbye dinner and Luana made me a cake. :) I love her soooo much!!!! I just want to take her home with me. I just might if I get permission from her parents and from you guys. :) Ha. So my comp is native!!!! Ha. So it is all portuguese this transfer!!! Craziness! She is from here. Porto-which is up north. She is so cute though! I am excited. Though we both just got here so we are going to be lost! Haha. Cause we don't know where anything is. It will be fun though! Oh! But when we got to our new apartment, it was a disaster! The others who were there left a mess! Trash, clothes, and books. The floor was aweful. And where they keep all the BOMs and pamphlets and stuff was a disaster! I could not believe they treated everything the way I saw it.... It took me quite some time to organize it. I had to throw some stuff aways because of how badly bent and messed up it was.... But I don't know how they ever found anything. It was a mountain of stuff just pilled on eachother. It was aweful. It made my heart hurt that they would just throw the stuff in there like that... So I am going to be spending even more of my p-day cleaning. And unpacking still of course. But I am so excited to be here though! I hope they left the area book good. Cause we don't know who the progressing investigators are or anything. Ha. So... I forgot to bring my camera with me! But me and Sister Kunz told eachother we would send eachother the pictures we send home. So the ones I sent are from her. Yay! Though we have a lot of the same ones. But I will just have more to send next week!!! Ha. Oh. But I am so sad that I am not going to be there for Maria Helena's baptism! It makes me so sad... She was sad when she found out I was being transferred. That is one of the worste things about transfers. Sometimes you get pulled out and the timing is just bad... But I can't wait to fall in love with the ward here! I have heard good things about it. :) Well. Other than that, nothing else has happened. Ha. But, I love you all so much! I hope all is going well at home and that you are all staying super happy and just loving life. And I hope you are remembering to read and pray every day!!! I can't tell you how important and how big the difference that makes! Stay safe, I love you!
Love Always,
Sister Stokes :)

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