Monday, March 3, 2014

 Our wonderful District!!!! Oh the office Elders. 
I am going to miss them! Ha. 
Though the poor things are always so stressed. 
But Elder Fuller got out! 
He is back to being a normal missionary 
after 7 months of being in the office! Ha. 
That is so long!

 Adão haha
the Elders
 Saying bye to Sister Kunz!!!! :((

 Family Night! 
Fabio cutting the chocolate for our chocolate chip cookie cake
Benvindo with his baby boy Amaro. He is so cute!!!! I love their family soooo much!!!!

 Bruna mixing the cookie mix. Haha. Oh her face! 
And Luana 
(The one I said I just might be taking home with me) 
checking the cookie cake

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