Monday, March 24, 2014

This week we found Rui! He is amazing! He felt the spirit in the street and we made an appointment with him a couple days later. We taught him in the church with a member. He felt the spirit strong! It was so precious. I bore testimony about the first vision and how I know that this is the true church of Christ on the earth, and then told him that I knew he would come to gain a testimony of that as well. And his response was "Ja estou a sentir que isso é verdade." (So that means that he is already feeling that that is true) Oh!!! It made me jump for joy! (On the inside of course, ha.) But he is fabulous. Then we marked him for the 30th of March. Then he went on the talk about how he was never baptized, but how he wants to be. But we said he was never baptized because his parents were atheists and didn't want anything to do with religion. So he is fabulous! And I left that lesson soooo happy! And feeling just soooo much love for Rui!!! Though sunday came and he wasn't answering his phone.... And he didn't show up at church.... It broke our hearts... We don't know why. We tried later as well. But still no answer. We are going to try calling him again after this. I truly hope nothing bad happened. I don't understand why he isn't answering his phone. But we will have to remark him. Jorge as well. Jorge didn't show up in church either... Oh how much I dislike our free agency! Well, I love it, I just don't like it when those I really want to help and bless their lives use it in a way where they miss out on so many blessings! And delay the blessings that are on hold for them... just that. Anyways, Things are getting better! It is hard when we go into a pink wash and neither one of us know nothing of the area. Plus the fact that the sisters that were here are basically bed ridden so the area was dead with no true progressing investigators. But I am loving it here! I love the members. And they are helping us alot. They go out and walk the streets with us. They are so great! Well I love you all. And I hope you all have a fabulous week! Till next week!
Love Always,
Sister Amanda Stokes

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