Monday, July 29, 2013

July 22nd

This past week was hard... But thats ok. Missionary work is never supposed to be an easy thing. But we gave a church tour! It was kinda funny because I have never done that before! But João came to the church with a friend to show it to her. And it just so happend that we were there doing training stuff for me and so the church was unlocked. So we ended up showing her around. But wow! I have never met someone that can talk sooo much! Ha. We ended with the Sacrament Meeting Room and she talked for 30 minutes straight without anyone else talking. Ha. Crazy! And this was the first time we had ever met her. I am telling you the Portuguese are the biggest social butterflies I have ever met in my entire life! Usually I just run out of things to say, but they can literally go for hours if allowed. It is quite funny. So sometimes our lessons can go on forever. So João is an in-active that is starting to come back to church. We are trying to get him to find a new place to live because he is currently living with his girlfriend and he doesn't want to marry her. Sad I know... But we just taught him again yesterday, and we asked him if he is having any luck with finding a new place. Then his response was something like this. You know AnnaMaria? Well, I am thinking about moving in with her. Haha. And then Sister Brooks asks, well, you plan on marrying her before moving in right? And he responds. Oh yes of course. I want to marry her. I want to break up with my girlfriend and marry her and move in. Haha. So funny! It is actually kinda sad. But he doesn't have any money. So that is why he is living with his girlfriend. But now he wants to marry his other friend and move in with her and that solves everything. He is funny. I guess we will see what happens. So recently, since we can only listen to like hymns, Efy songs, or really old classical type music, we sing a lot without listening to music. And I have been randomly singing to the tune of church hymns, but I will change the lyrics to whatever I am thinking and Sister Brooks thinks it is the funniest thing. I love it! Plus it changes it up and it's a unique song that none of us have ever heard before. (: So as of right now, I have about 6 blisters on my feet... and two of them are on the balls of my feet... So I had to stop wearing my sandals and go back to full shoes. Which helps a lot! But then my feet burn up during the day. I guess we all have to pick and choose our battles. Ha. But I don't think I have ever had so many blisters at one point in time. It's crazy! And painful. But thats ok, it really isn't too bad with normal shoes. But me and Sister Brooks do joke about our feet falling off on certain days. Because sometimes it literally feels like they will. ;) So we went on splits! Cause sister Brooks went down to Lisbon so I was without her for a little bit. Well, almost a full day. it was so weird! Oh, I have so much more to say but I am out of time! But Armando got the Priesthood on Sunday! That is the only big news this week! Cause no one has really wanted to talk to us this week. It is really sad.... But its ok cause we have faith! Oh! And Sofia gave us a big bag of onions she picked from her garden. haha. don't know what or how we are going to use them all with. But it was super nice. Anyways, I love you guys so much! And you should get me Steffani's address! So I can write her so she will write me little punk! And tell Cass and Meg they have to write me too stinks! (: But I still love em to pieces!
Love Sister Amanda Stokes

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