Monday, July 29, 2013

July 29th Photos

 The picture of us outside with the table and posters. We decided to find people in a more fun and creative way. So we set up the table with all of our "free stuff" and we sang hymns and took turns contacting the people! It was awesome! We are going to do it again on Saturday. i think we said saturday. ha

 This is a bolo de berlin. It is actually super yummy!
And a big milk! It is a little different but super good! The Elders bought us our first ones. And this was my second time eating one. (: just a couple days ago

Just a pretty picture, and the clouds looked really cool. The second is outside our apt window

 Me and all the sisters!

 The moon looked really cool and with the building!

 me and sister Lofgreen

Having Fun :)

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