Monday, July 15, 2013

 This is me and Sister Call. She is one of the other sisters in my district and the four of us live in the apartment together

And then the three of us sisters! 
Sister Brooks is taking the picture. (:

 These are also outside of our window (where me and sister Brooks study) We have a little porch thing there

 I took a picture at night outside our apartment window!

 These are my new sandals! I love them!
 This is Tiago! He is 4 and he is sooo cute!
 I want to take him home with me! (:
 This is Sophia and Armando and there family!
 They got married just before civilly and 
there baptism was later that day!


 little festa after the baptism!
Haha look at Tiago's face! He wanted it sooo bad!
 And yes, those are Tiagos hands. Haha. He was sooo excited he couldn't wait to have the chocolate cake!
 Aren't they so cute! These are the never ending stairs that we have to walk up everytime we go to the chapel. And it doesn't help that there is that steep heel just before. We get a good work out everytime. Lol.
I took a panorama outside the church's window. this is viseu! It is pretty. Though some parts are a little gross.

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