Tuesday, January 21, 2014

 Baptism of Fabio!!!

Bridge over the freeway. Benfica stadium behind us
Boat we road

 portas de Benfica! (doors of Benfica) Pink castle. 
They do some sort of official paper stuff in there.
 Ha. But it is cute!
 Me and Sister Kunz
us and Fabio!!! Before he was baptized
 Cristo Rei

 On the boat! Crossing the river to go to the Cristo Rei!!!
Me and Aline!!!! Love her!
 Junior me Aline (dont know why 
junior«'s eye looks so weird ha) 
 Me and Fabio. After baptism. 
(When we were eating the refreshments)
luana me Alex

me and Luana! I love her to pieces! (15)
We thought this was our last time eating at Guacomole together. But its not! ha!

me luana bruna (sisters)

 we got wet
me jessica (10)

Got a picture of Fabio and Ruben walking out of the baptismal font. Look how happy he is!!!!!!

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