Monday, January 6, 2014

Family!!!! :)
This past week was really good!!! Though it is a little difficult due to the fact that we teach all men and we are no longer in a tripla. And so we have to make sure we find another women to teach with us in order to teach in the church. If not. We are stuck teaching outside! Though, we figured out a way to do it that saves us from the rain. We open the church and the doors. We set the investigators chairs just on the inside of the church, and we put our chairs outside of the church. Yes! We are so smart! And there is a little overhead landing that keeps the rain from soaking us. Ha. Though if it is windy... we will still get wet. But it is much better than sitting over on the bench right out in it. The first thing Sister Pieper said to us as she was leaving was, "Goodluck" Haha. (In reference to the rainy season starting.) Yeah!!!! I am just glad I only truly have to go through one of them. :) So in our "Noite de Cinema" ( Movie Night) on sunday. We watched the Legacy. And me and Sister Kunz have been watching that a lot recently as we eat our lunch. ha. And only when we watched it with everyone that came did I realize how lovey dubby that movie is and how many times they kiss! It felt soooo strange! (Though I guess the reason probably is because we aren't paying 100% attention to the movie. So... Oh man! I am going to feel so strange coming home. If any boy touches me I will just want them to stop touching me! Haha. I thought this would never happen! Who knows, maybe it is just a thing Heavenly Father gives to the missionaries so they focus better. Haha. :) So we were so blessed on sunday!!! Manuel, Fabio, and Mãe Lucia came to church! (Investigators) And we also had Ranato and Ioan there too! (Less actives) Andthis sunday was amazing! The classes were fantastic and the testimony´s from the members were so strong! It was probably my favorite sunday since being on the mission. The spirit was so strong! I was sad our other investigators didn't make it! But the three that are progressing the most made it! So we were sooo happy! And! Manuel gets baptized next Sunday!!! And Fabio gets baptized on the 18th!! We are super excited!!! They are perfect! Though the past little while. Since Christmas to New Years and even to now, finding new people has been so hard! No one is from here! And! At night, there is literally not a single person on the streets! They are all with family inside. Ha. So we haven't gotten pretty much any new people to teach... But thats ok. It will get better starting this week as everyone's schedule's are back to normal. :) So I love you all so much! I am doing fabulous! And I am loving, serving with Sister Kunz. And I hope you all will have a fabulous week this week! Oh!!!! And yes!!! It is my birthday on the 10th! Haha. I almost forgot! I can't believe I am going to be turning 22! Though I am excited because it is one of the cute ages! 20. 22, and 24 are all super cute. :) But after will be so weird!!! Ha. Anyways, Thank you everyone for all the Christmas packages and sweet cards!!! That was super sweet of everyone! I am so blessed. I love you all!
Love Always,
Sister Amanda Stokes

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