Monday, December 30, 2013

 Merry Christmas!!!

 Elder Fuller in his santa suit!!!!
 Christmas Eve dinner
Christams day donut stop!

 Elders Christmas Day baptism!!! (The one in the red tie) 
He looks like he could have been a member since forever huh!? He is great!
Us three sitting on Sis Kunz bed

 Me in the kitchen! Ha. I made our breakfast eggs!
 Just today! Before we got here to email!

 Scarf and stocking (she sewed) that Anna Rees (jason's mom) Sent me for Christmas!
It "snowed" at the mall -in the form of bubbles!!! 
It was so cool! 
I couldn't believe they did that inside!!! 
Ha. So that is what is in our hair! Ha.

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