Monday, December 23, 2013

 Saw Sis. Wach at the Conference!

 All the sisters I could rile together to get a picture. Another sister was trying but failed. So I yelled!!!! Haha. Got a lot to join it. :) Guess I've got a talent for getting everyone to listen to me. Lol.
Hopping over the chair in the van! There were tables in the back so we couldn't get in through the door ha

 Sister Pieper and Kunz walking ahead. 
Thought it looked cool. :)

 The clouds looked super cool!
Just outside our apartment window

 The trees have become bare. Winter is here!!!!

Christmas Conference Dinner plate! They piled it all on! haha. Salad on top of everything!
Me and Sis. Kunz at the conference 
 the one with the star in the cobble stone, me and Sis Wach found it. We thought it was super funny and cute
 Me and Sister Duran!!! 
(We stayed in the same house in Viseu!!!)

 all us in front of the bell

 Me and Sis Kunz
The bell!!!!

 outside of the church. I was tired so I rested my head on Sis Pieper, and Sis Kunz thought it was precious so captured the moment. Ha
Pres. and Sis. Fluckiger. Cute!

 Fruit roll up tongue tattoos. Ha. From Sis. Wach
 (Sis Wach's camera)
 Popcorn! I made popcorn using the kernals on the stove! We watched the Joy to the World movie in the church (they have a projector and screen.) It is really nice.

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