Monday, December 9, 2013

Hey sorry I ran out of time last week because I just kept sending pictures and I didn't realize I ran out of time. Ha. But not a whole ton has happened this past week. But we did have transfers! So Sis. Wach got transferred! I am actually sad about that because I was hoping we would stay together another transfer. I feel like I am never going to have another companion for more than one transfer! Ha. But I guess thats ok cause then I get to know more Sisters. So I am still here in Benfica. My new companion is Sister Peiper. Though she goes home in three weeks. So I will be having two companions this transfer. Ha. So that will be kinda fun. But Sister Peiper seems pretty cool. Though she seems super tired. I picked her up at the train station at 1:30 today. So we had our ward Christmas party already. It was good. We did a little skit thing. It was super funny. It was like a round off. Elder Fuller had done it before in the past. Basically we all lined up in one line and one person would start, then the next person would join in. And we each have our own motions that we do. So one person will be up at the same time another person is down. And they would swing over the persons head next to them that goes down and many times it gets very close to us getting hit. Ha. I can't really explain it very well and I can't send the video of it. Ha. But in a year you can see it and know what I mean. :) But I am soooo excited to hear where Steffy will go on her mission!!!! That is crazy!!!! I still can't believe that! And I loved all the pictures you sent me! Everyone looks so much older it is crazy what 6 1/2 months can do!!! It is so crazy how close Christmas is! We got those little chocolate count downs where you open a door and eat a cholcolate for each day until Christmas! We got one for all the Elders in the office too! (Me and Sis. Wach did) OH! I got to see Elder Wilson today! He was at the bus station! I love it cause he said when I left they all missed me so much! Ha. Man, I have made so many really good friends here on my mission. I just love so many people too much! So it was weird. I didn't have a companion for 4 hours today! I was alone by myself for 4 hours! It felt so strange. Ha. But everyone was so much nicer to me! Everyone would tell me good morning back and one cute older lady asked me why I was by myself. She was all concerned for me. It was cute. So we started doing movie nights every sunday night. Last week we had 19 people show up and our 2 recent converts that have been more inactive cried and they loved it! But yesterday we only had one investigator and three members there! It was so sad. And we had so much popcorn! Ha. We ended up giving the Elders all the popcorn! They were pretty excited about that. Haha. So we have a zoo in our area, and Sister Wach didn't want to go because she had already gone and it is 18 euros... so it is a little pricey. But she says it is worth it, and that the dolphins are what make it mostly worth it! Ha. And I mentioned going to Sis. Peiper, and she doesn't want to go either! AH! So hopefully whoever will be my companion in another 3 weeks will want to go with me! Everyone says that you have to go at least once! So the cord I brought to attach and send pictures isn't working right. I forgot to grab the other one and so I can't send any pictures home this week... I'm sorry! But next week I will! So all the ones from last week will just have to do. :) Ha. I sent a lot I think. So I hope all is well at home! Everything is great here! It still hasn't been raining!!!! It is a miracle!!! And that is unusual for here. They say it should be raining almost everyday by now. But I'm not complaining. Ha. I love you all!
Love Always,
Sister Amanda Stokes

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