Monday, December 2, 2013

 We all got socks!!! Sister Warburton and Sister Cutler did this! (We had gone on a very short split on p-day and I guess they ended up buying us all matching socks ha

 My first pen I have ever used all the way!!!!
(bowling!-this was in viseu our last p-day)

 Red roady (these red road pictures was our final red road trip together at the end of last transfer!) in Viseu

 last week in Viseu 

 We heart attacked the Elders door. 
(well, the mission office door. ha) -with sticky notes
This one I was going to say, 
"the cold weather is coming in!!!!"

 Jessica took this one of us. Haha. 
(She is the 10 yr old that was recently baptized.)
Me on the bus

So far!

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