Monday, December 2, 2013

 Where Christoffer Columbus took off. :)
Me and Sis. Wach

 Torre de Belém

 I thought of dad when I saw this plane thing. ha. I don't even know what it is but it was cool. Ha

 Sister Wach running up the stairs. Haha

 The bridge where Sister Wach was running up the stairs.
Three things in one picture. The bridge, the columbus, and The Christ :)

 Cool statue. I liked it. :)
It had a hole in the back and bottom where the birds would go in and out. Ha. I guess they live in the statue. :)

 Strange trees. I guess one is male and the other female. Says Sister Wach. 
But she didn't know which was which
A cool arch-way

 The entrance to the metro at night! It looks 
super cool with the lights!
And the metro underneath!

 Elders being Elders
Cute pond area

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