Friday, July 25, 2014

Email to Dad :)

Ha. Stinker. Killing two birds with one stone. Mom did the same thing. Haha. That is known as a little thing called, laziness! Ha. Jk!!! I loved the email! I am always really happy when I see I got an email from you. :) I love the quote Steff said. It truly is so true. That is why I am still out here, even amist all the hardships and trials that come with this work. Because of the happiness, and blessings that we are more than spoiled to be able to bring to our brothers and sisters. The light that the gospel brings out of people is just breathtaking and there simply aren't words to describe the joy that I am able to feel as a result of being an instrument in the Lord's hands in being able to bless these people. I can't thank you and mom enough for helping me and encoraging me to serve a mission. It truly is the most humbling work. There isn't anything else that can compare to the experiences we have on the mission. And it truly is the time where we can truly understand our Savior better than we ever have before. Because we are doing exactly what He did when he was here. Loving, helping, serving, sometimes shedding tears, but in and out of it all, experiencing a profound joy and learning how to love more than we ever thought was possible. I am so greatful to be a missionary. And I wish every member of the church had the opportunity to serve a mission, and see the Lord's hands in His work every single day. And in the end, see how the Lord wasn't only helping us to mold other people, but how the Lord was truly molding us, and helping us become the sons and daughters He needs. And one thing I am so excited about is that when the mission ends, it isn't even close to an ending. But it is a beginning. A beginning of true discipleship in the church. We are being trained to live the rest of our lives as member missionaries. And we can have just as much a part in the work here as in our normal lives. I am excited to be a member missionary! Though I still have loads of time as an actual full time missionary. I will be so sad when the time comes to a close! I will probably cry. But I will also shed tears of joy due to all the hearts I have been about to touch, and all the lives I have had the priviledge to change- as an instrument in the Lord's hands. I have learned for one thing that we truly are nothing. But with God and the Lord, we have everything. And the only way we have success is when we have the Lord on our side and when we are worthy to have the companionship of His spirit. That is the only way we will be able to touch hearts and change lives. I love you so much dad! I hope you know what a big example you are to me. I hope that this week goes well at home. Love you!
Love Always,
Sister Amanda Stokes

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