Monday, July 14, 2014

So I am super happy! We got to see two baptisms yesterday!!! The Elderes baptized yesterday. He actually lives in our area. But there wasn't anyone in our area because it was closed. So they taught him. And also, Paloma was baptized!!!!!!!! Yes, she is the one that I taught! I got permission from President to go to her baptism. :) I was super happy! She was super happy to see me! She told me she was just so so sad when she saw that I wasn't wilth my comp the next time they went to her house. She clung to me during the whole thing. haha. It was cute. She is 15. She was actually baptized in the river! Emalidio baptized her (member) And they almost fell over. Ha. There were waves, and he said where they had gone in there were also rocks. (Cause where they entered wasn't where you usually go cause there were a lot of people at the beach. It was funny. So many people were looking over and staring as she was baptized. By the look of it they all thought that was the coolest thing. Haha. I just smiled. So I love my new area! Though we were really disappointed once we got here. The area book was like a bomb had exploded. There were investigators who had been made x-investigators in the progressing section. And there wasn't a single thing written about anyone since December of last year. Na verdade, I saw one that was from January. We weren't left with anything. We didn't know who had interest or who the missionaries had been talking to or anything. It was rough. And it took quite a bit of time to organize our area book. But at least the Lord is leading us to others who are ready for our message!  But we are truly super excited!!! So we share a church with Seixal. The members here in our area have been promised a branch for so long, and still nothing has happened. (Sadly we have heard some things from two guys here -who were best friends with the past Elders- about the Elders that have been here, basically they weren't doing their part and keeping mission rules. It broke my heart when we found that out.... But we have a goal to make Quinta do Conde a branch!!!! We are soooo excited! It is going to happen. I have 3 transfers left, including this one. And I have served 3 transfers in each area until now. So I am pretty sure I will end here. So my mission goal is to make a branch! I am so excited! I have actually always wanted to do that! So any prayers would be greatly greatly appreciated. :) So we have our investigator, Vaçil. He is absolutely amazing! If I have ever met anyone with real intent, it is him. He is marked for the 26th! Vaçil was definitely pre-prepared! We are so blessed to be able to be the instruments in the Lord´s hands to bring him to the knowledge of the gospel. Up to this point in my mission, I love looking back and seeing just how much trust the Lord puts in His missionaries. It truly is our responsibility to show the Lord that we are trustworthy. And when we do that. He puts those who are ready to hear the gospel in our path because He knows we will take care of them.We also have Janéti. She is super cool as well. She is catholic and was baptized there at 17. She is now 20. She was marked for the 20th. But she didn't make it to church because she got a fever.... We are going to call after this to see how she is doing today. It is gotter here. Ha. we definitly swett more here. Sister Decker (my comp) says it reminds her of her home town in California. Pretty much perfectly! But yeah, we are super excited! Oh and Sister Decker only has 2 transfers left! Counting this one. So she came in one transfer before me. (she was in the big group of missionaries that came into our mission- about 50 came in at the same time!) That is probably why I had to wait for so long to come out. ;P Well. I hope all is well at home! Don't forget the little things that keep us grounded for the difficult times that come. I love you all too much for satan - the little punk- to have any hold on anyone in our family. It seriously makes me so sad to see so many people get answers and feel the spirit and truly recognize it, and then turn away because of the difficulties that rise.... Anyways. I love you all! Stand tall! :)
Love Always,
Sister Amanda Stokes

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