Monday, October 27, 2014

This week was so good! Joaquim got the Aaronic priesthood!!!!! He was so happy! He is super excited to be able to baptize! ha He wants to baptize Felipe- his friend. He is marked for the 9th. He just has to stop smoking. That will be the most precious baptism though! Cause Filipe is the reason Joaquim came to know about the church. :) Anyways, guess what today is!? Joaquim's birthday!!!  So last night we gave him his birthday gift! We had to go down to Lisbon for Sis. Stewart to do residency. So while we were down there. We went through the suits left by Elders going home. And we picked one out. As well and a white long sleeved shirt. And we also found one of those sweaters you can wear over top that look good. And we gave him all that in a brown paper sack for his birthday. He was soooo excited and happy!!!! haha. He is so fantastic! I just love him soooo much! He told us that he volunteered on sunday to clean the church this saturday. He is super excited for that! I loved that, cause generally no one wants to. haha. But he is excited to. He also is excited to help and serve people. He said he just wants to make a difference in the lives of others. I truly don't think he could be any more perfect. He is an example of someone who is truly converted. He really will make a big difference in the church over here in Portugal. :) So sickness is being passed around. I haven't gotten sick yet. But our Zone leaders both got sick. And Sis. Stewart got it! The poor thing. It was a flu. She didn't feel good AT ALL. The whole time though, I felt really good about the fact that I wouldn't get it. I don't know why... But up till now. I haven't gotten it! :) Let's hope it stays that way. Well, Elder Lopes called me "Sister Animada" and "Sister Feliz" this week. haha. I have no idea what I did though. But hey, I guess that is a good thing! OH! Hah. And our investigator, SabastiĆ£o, at our appointment with him. In the beginning where we just talk and see how he is before starting our lesson, he looked me in the eyes, and sang a poem that talked about "beautiful eyes." And yes, he made it up on the spot! I died! hahaha. He is hilarious. He is the cutest old man ever! I think he literally thinks that we are his granddaughters. :) So we met 5 Ukrainian men!!! Super cool. Though all but one are struggling to find jobs. But 4 of them said they would go to our Halloween activity on wednesday and then church on sunday! And they all would love to stop smoking! They didn't believe us when we said we helped someone stop smoking in 2 weeks (or less maybe?). ha. But others have stopped in even lesser time! But we are super excited to work with them. We got all of their numbers. :) So the work is going great! I don't want it to ever end! ha. But I really do feel like this is my life. Like, I could join the three Nephites and just serve the Lord for the rest of forever and I would be so happy! Ha. Jk. But really. Well, I hope you all have a fantastic week. I love you all so much! And I hope school is going well for the girls. Keep making good choices! :) Love you! 
Love Always,
Sister Amanda Stokes 

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