Monday, October 20, 2014

Pants! (Rarely happens!) We were going to go to Bom Jesus. But it isn't going to happen because Sister Stewart´s foot is hurting. Pretty badly. She got a blessing today... 
I hope it gets better! 

 Joaquim and us!!!! And Elder Muñiz. (he baptized)

 Filling up the baptismal font. :) We were worried cause we turned the water on late..... We had another member using the sink in the kitchen with a HUGE pot. We used the boys bathroom. :) ha

Joaquim is the one in the middle. :) In white! He is AMAZING! His friends are on the two sides. The one on the right is our investigator (From before Joaquim- he is the reason Joaquim found the gospel!!!! He was a reference from an investigator basically! He invited him to church. Joaquim decided to go and see. And loved it! We marked an appointement, helped him stop smoking, and the rest is history!!!! He is now baptized into the true and restored church of Jesus Christ! :) 
I love happy endings!)

 Me and Joaquim! He wasn't quite looking at the right hole on the camera. ha. But thats ok! 
Me and the guys! They will ALL be baptized! Felipe (middle) is next. He is stopping smoking. And Nuno (we met him at the baptism- invited friend) will be too! 
He really liked the baptism. :) 

 I was cleaning out random floaties in the water with a big spoon that had holes. :) 
Sister Stewart said she just had to get a picture of it. Ha.
 more baptism pics!
 Elder Muñiz drew this :)

 Nunu (a friend Joaquim brought to his baptism) then Joaquim , then Filipe (the one marked for the 9th of Nov)

Oh I love to pieces the silly face one on Joaquim! He is so funny and cute! 

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