Monday, September 9, 2013

Zone Conference!

 Random place that looked cool and where we filled our bottles with clean spring water! 
Everyone does it! And we don't get sick! ha

 us and Sofia's family. (if you put this one of 
FB you have to edit out my nasty on my face! 
I got it two days ago and it is so gross! ha)
 The Elders sleeping lol (Elder Wilson, Elder Eddington, 
Elder Richins- Elder Richins reminds me 
so much of Tavin sometimes it is weird... )

 Just a cool picture I liked and Andre 
(Sofia and Armando's boy)

 Mikaela and Taylor. Someone els's 
little boy that is here a lot. ha

 We counted Paulo's (Mikaela's dad) money!!! Well, coins! 
me and sis dumis
 My heart broke when I saw this poor horse. 
And I stopped where i was standing 
and it just came over to me as 
though he thought I had food... 

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