Monday, September 30, 2013

 ha we were supposed to be making serious faces and pretending like life sucked. 
i was the only one who could do it! Isn't that odd!? ;P
This is the train we rode last p-day with the elders. did i tell you guys about that. 
They were what made it fun. haha. 

 I had to get a picture next to the fair wall thing. It is completely gone now! It is a little sad. 
Sis Warburton cooking in our newly bought pan. The last one was just ridiculous!

 A cool leaf I found! I wish I kept it. But it has the three colors! I was so excited I just had to stop and take a picture of it!
A silver birch tree! So cool! The leaves have two completely different colors on the two sides of the leaf! 

 We found a new cute path! 

 The path and our shadows. ha

 The sky looked so pretty. But I was on the bus so it was taken through the window :\

 Sister King and Elder Lee! I saw them cause I had to get my residence card in Lisbon!!! So did they!

 Toilet and you flush it with your foot! ha. I thought it was funny
One day I forgot to take my shorts off from underneath my skirt.... oops. 
Cause thats how I dress! I put my skirt on first them pull my shorts out from under. 
But today i forgot I still had them on. oops. ha.

 Slippers and PJ bottoms! Yay colder weather! 
 Ha. We watched the General Relief Society thing on the computer. and her face is so funny! 
We watched this part like at least 5 times! haha. So I had to take a picture. 
Yes, that is an underwear chandeleir (I'm not sure how to spell that word) 
But it is like and old looking picture and then the man with the unbrella. i love it!

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