Monday, September 30, 2013

Monday, September 30th #1

Dear Family,

Oh, I ran out of time to do a true one big email. Ha. But we have a new investigator. Catia. And she is amazing!  We received her as a referral from the elders two weeks ago. We finally got in contact with her last week. She is about 22 and she is so cool! She just has a smoking problem, but she also knows and wants to quit. But she came to church yesterday with us and said she would come next week! I seriously love her so much already! We would definitely be friends. :) Oh and did i tell you guys about José Luis? He is this other man that is like 35ish and he is so cool! We marked him for baptism last week. But his brother-in-law just died and he is having a hard time and especially his sister. So he didn't end up coming to church and we haven't seen him again yet. But he said he believes in our message and he said we have a beautiful message. But we will have to mark him again since he didn't come to church. But I have high hopes for him too. He loves our message about what happens after death. He is definitely a seeker of truth! We love him. But the rainy weather started last week. It was so crazy cause it was still warm and even hot. Then there was one perfect day. Then the next day, it was rainy all day! Ha. There was literally no inbetween! it was crazy! Anyways, I love you all! Till next week! 

Love, Sister Amanda Stokes

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