Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Tuesday, September 17th

AAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!! Addy is gigantic!!!! And she had two teeth smack-dab in the front and it is sooo cute!!! Oh I miss her so much! So, we had transfers! And........................... I am staying!! But I lost Sister Brooks... it was the weirdest thing. I had a little bit of a break down and I don't know why. ha. Well, it was because I just love her so much and we were supposed to stay together para sempre! (forever!!) But ya, anyways, my new companion is super cool! She is from England! So she has the cutest accent! And she was an EFY counselor befor coming on her mission. She is so awesome. Her name is Sister Warburton. But our district got ripped apart.... Only me and Elder Richins are left from the very beginning. It's crazy! (From the original district. :)....) So.... you aren't going to believe what I am about to tell you and it is just a little lot bit depressing.... I lost my memory card that has all my pictures from since I got here on the mission.... Which is like 700 pictures... and videos.... Yeah, I know. I had just switched over to the new memory card because I filled the other and I had just placed it in my camera case in the plastic holder (not a smart decision) and I just know the morning we were walking Sister Call to the bus station when I pulled out my camera it fell out. We retraced our steps, but it wasn't there. Which didn't surprise me.... But I am mostly sad because we just had a noite de talentos. (a ward talent show) and the Elders said I had to clog. So I signed up for it and danced! And Sister Brooks filmed it for me on my camera... but it was on that memory card and no one else has it.... But I guess we will just have to have another talent show! :) So I saw Facebook for the first time last week. Ha. First cause Bruno (a guy we have been teaching english to) pulled his up to show us pictures of his family. And the second time was with Mikaela!!! Cause she added me and Sister Brooks on Facebook. So you have to accept her friend request! If you haven't already. So last week, we met this old man. And he and his friend talked to us for like 20 minutes. But he invited us to go see him sing in a choir he is a part of for older people. So we went, but we went late. But when we went in, it was crazy! The songs were the weirdest and they were belting out the notes and it sounded like they were yelling! Ha. It is honestly the weirdest and craziest thing I have done on my mission. We (Me and Sis Brooks) felt weird. Ha. I wanted to record some so sis Brooks said to just not make it obvious, but then I realized my camera was at the apt. charging... Ha. But they invited us to come back and share a little message in the beginning today! So we will be doing that after this. So Mikaela, last week, fell off her bike and her bike landed on her knee, so her knee got scratched up a little. But it is so funny, cause her dad panicked, and took her to the hospital and got an x-ray and wouldn't let her go anywhere for the next couple days. And she would walk around like she had broken a bone. ha. But it was only scratches. I love the Portuguese. They really are the most dramatic people I have met. It is funny. And talkative. So Sopfia, the 15 yr. old, that had her baptismal date for the 21st, we talked with the Bishop after our ward meeting and they changed her date to the 13th!!! So, me and Sis. Brooks were able to go!!!! It was perfect!!! And our ward is pretty made up of one family! Ha. Well, atleast half of it. And so Sofia's baptism was a big deal. Cause she was the only one in their whole family (including grandparents aunts uncles cousins) that wasn't baptized. So it was an emotional day. Full of tears and joy! So in our area of Viseu, we had 3 baptisms in one weekend! Cause the other Elders had a baptism too, just before Sofia on Friday! It was awesome! The only thing is we ran out of gas and something is wrong with the heater for the font, so the water was cold. And so on Friday, we were really wondering what we were going to do about Conceição (the super cool 82 yr old lady!!!), because she is old and freezing water wouldn't be too good for her. Some members wanted us to move her baptism to the next week because she could get pneumonia they said. But we decided we would call her in the morning to see what she said after we told her the water would be cold. When we called her, her response was, "No faz mal, tem que ser!" meaning, it's not a problem, it just has to be! So she was willing to be baptized in cold water because she didn't want to put it off! She is cool. And I am glad. I don't like putting off baptisms. Cause you never know, something could happen. Satan is a big fat punk... But it was perfect! But she really is a miracle, I mean we taught her everything within four times of meeting with her, and she was baptized on Saturday!!! When we reviewed the baptismal questions with her and asked her if she believed in the Book of Mormon and that Joseph Smith was a prophet of God, she bore her testimony on them! It made us so happy. Then when we asked her if she believed that Pres. Thomas S. Monson is God's prophet today, she said Claro! Com certeza! (Certainly! Like, of course!) She is so cute. So this past week was fantastic. The only other thing was the talent show. Elder Dunford beat boxed! It was so cool! I knew he was good at it, but now I know he is super good at it! I had recorded it but I don't have it anymore... And Elder Richins sang, he has an incredibly amazing voice, the other two sisters danced a cute little jaz dance, and I clogged! It was great! And during a little waiting period, They had Sis Brooks go up and say the Alphabet backwards. ha. It was funny. But its cool. I can't do it. never tried. Actually, never really wanted to. But it is cool that she can do it. :) But I am so glad all is well at home!!!! And we can't have any more wedding without me! So Tyler and Brooke, hold your horses!!!!! ha. JK. I am just so glad you guys are happy! And if it works out it is what is meant to be. But for Brooke, it just has to happen! Because, I mean, it's Ryan! Ha. Well I love you guys so much! And I love the pictures!!! Thanks for all the love and support! Until next week! :)
Sister Amanda Stokes

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  1. Sister Brooks' family loves that you post her letters. Thank you! We have enjoyed reading about the Sisters' experiences together from Amanda's view point. S. Brooks loves Amanda and thinks she is a wonderful missionary! Give her our best! Darla Brooks (Sam's mother)