Monday, September 30, 2013

Monday, September 30th #2

Dear Family,

Well, I just finished emailing President but turns out I have a little more time... So did I tell you guys about Bruna? Well, she did come to church. Then later when we saw her again. We asked her what she thought  and felt. She said she didn't really like it. She is Evangelical, so she loves the lively music they have and it is good with her kids. But we asked her if she would be willing to give it another try and go next week, but this time to the whole 3 hours and the classes. But she said no... And we have had a hard time seeing her since. So we think she just doesn't want anything anymore. And it is so sad! But her kids still love us! Last week, her daughter saw us and yelled after us and was smiling and waving. it was super cute! But who knows. We will see what happens. Maybe the next time she runs into the missionaries she will change her mind. Cause I know she liked our message. Oh! Also, funny story. So me and Sis. Warburton had planned to walk down this walkway where there are some benches near the little river and bridge. When we got there. it was completely deserted. Not a single person was in view. But instead of turning back around. We still felt like walking down it. So we decided to show forth our faith even though it literally didn't make any sense. So then, as we were walking, there was a women who had just popped out of a bush! Well, not literally, but almost. She was behind it! So we contacted her and set up an appointment! But how cool is that! We made a plan and Heavenly Father knew what our plan was, but we still had to show forth our faith to continue to walk down the path, and then, only after that, he made a women pop out of the bush! Ha. We had a couple laughs at that one. But it really is a miracle. It is so awesome! Oh! So Bruno, we still are teaching him english. The same from when i was with Sis Brooks. Though the Elders are actually teaching him because it is hard for us to teach him because he is a man and we have to have another women with us for us to be able to teach him. But I said something and he just started busting out laughing. it was the funniest thing because I have never seen him laugh like that before! Ha. But then after, he told me I should be an actress. Lol. And then, when it is that I am famous, I can't forget about him. Hm... Oh! The last thing is one day, we decided to make all our phone calls on these cute little kid swings! But then some sort of official man came a long and told us we weren't younger than seven.... ha. We were a little embarrassed. But it was also funny. :) But it made us happy that we got a little time sitting on the little swings. We were basically done anyways. So we had already been sitting on them for a little bit. So it was perfect timing. But I am doing good! And I love being able to wear jackets! Though I guess really it is just mainly my rain coat cause of the rain. But still!  :) Though I know I will start missing the warm weather after a little while of the rain. But I love you guys! 

Love Sister Stokes

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