Monday, February 10, 2014

This past week has been a great one. Ha. We marked our special friend, Joaquim. :) He is Adão's friend. (Adão is the one that has an endless supply of fruit on him, and this fruit is always given to us Sisters. haha. (meaning me and whoever my companion is at the time. haha) It is hilarious! Though, this last time he gave us a bag with stuff, instead of just handing us fruit to hold by hand, and there was a thing of honey! So we were actually excited about that one. So I made myself a peanut butter and honey sandwich the other day. (Thank you so much for sending that peanut butter! I am loving it! though it is atleast half way gone... haha. It should last me another good while.) So I got to see Sister Brooks again! She was here in Lisbon because of medical things. She is all good now though! She did lose a lot of weight. She looks good though. Ha. She wasn't complaining. :) It was really good seeing her. She went out with us for a couple hours. Oh right. So Joaquim will be baptized on Sunday! We are excited about it. Adão will have another friend. :) Though he is friends with everyone! One sunday, when he came in a little late to the gospel principles class. He went around the room and shook everyon's hand. Then he got to Edson (he teaches the class) he gave him a big gigantic bear hug!!! It was the cutest thing! (Oh, so Adão and Joaquim have special needs. But they are just the sweetest things) It was funny though. After our first lesson with him, we asked to make our next and we said thursday. Then after he asked if this was going to be for his baptism. Haha. He really wants to be baptized! I love it. :) We told him we still had a lot to teach him first. Well I am out of time. The seconds are counting down. Haha. Well Steffy I love you and you will be a fabulous missionary!!!!!!! Love you all!
Love Sister Amanda Stokes :)

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