Monday, February 10, 2014

 Yes! Torre de Belém again! And the Monte do Discovery!

 Sister Training Leaders
Donut Stop!

 Saying bye to Elder Zaccaria. :(  He is so amazing!!! We were in the MTC together if you remember! I got to see him a lot these past couple weeks. :) We were so sad to hear he had to go home because of his back. He has to get surgery on it. I hope everything goes well for him!
 Well, I definitely was not ready for the picture! Haha. I didn't know she was taking one!

 me and Joaquim
Why I am so white, I do not know. It was the flashes fault though ha

 Our lunch (that was meant for after the baptism which didn't happen until late at night) though it took them 3 hours to prepare!!!!!!! Craziness!
 Luana me and Junior

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