Monday, February 10, 2014

Luana baby Amado and Francisca (mom)

 The arch and statue.
The women in the background looks like she is nervous or something. Haha
 This was on the outside wall of a bank.
 But it looks really cool. :)
Thought this looked cool with the bus and everything else.

 thought this looked cool with all the "layers" haha. It is like a mirror effect. 
But it's not. It really goes on that long! :)
This is a better look of it with Sis. Kunz

Me and Sis Kunz!

 I think this one is less blurry than the last
We thought this building was cool. :) Plus it matches my side bag. :) Haha

 Yes, that is Irmã all the way down there. Yes, I was getting distracting and taking lots of extra pictures of the statue. Haha. So she got a little far from me. :)

 Weird tiny cars! haha.
 cobble stone pattern
Me and Irmã


 My feet and the cobble stone. haha
Fabio not wanting me to take his picture ha
 Me and Renato. I keep telling him to smile but he won't.

 Me and Fabio
Me and Sister Brooks!

 Eating at the restaurant (The one we usually go to once a week, a member pays for us to go. So nice I know!)
Columbo and the stadium. It was a pretty picture. :) 
I love the colors

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