Monday, February 10, 2014

 That thing behind me on the floor is a lizard we found in the church... I tried saving it and catching it in a plastic tuperware... but I accidentally killed it.... It had escaped from underneath so I may have panicked and threw the tuperware and it may have conked it in the head and killed it instantly.... I felt so bad! Sis. Kunz just laughed at me and couldn't believe I threw it and killed it...
This was from the baptism as well. We are just making faces. ha

 Yeah, didn't realize he was practically laying his head on me. Ha. I don't know if he knows he isn't supposed to do that. Hahaha
Yeah, Elder Munoz definitely was not ready for the picture ha

 We got wet!

 Me and Irmã Amélia :) I love her so much! She is like our grandma out here!
I saw Elder Wilson again!!!

 Francisco and me (investigator) going to France
 The castle again. Maybe they aren't so blurry this time

 Columbo and Stadium and a bunch of taxis
 I thought this was pretty. :)
Bruna hurt her finger. So me and Sister Kunz played doctor. :) 
(Though my face looks quite frightening in this pic. ha)
 Me and Luana i love her to pieces!

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