Monday, September 22, 2014

So first off I heard it was Kaylin´s birthday! And that she is leaving in October for her mission. Just wanted to say HAPPY BIRTHDAY! And that you will LOVE the mission! :) So interresting experience with the rain. We met up with an investigator named Marcio. He is 18. We were teaching him on a park bench. but we had only just started talking when the rain started. It started off soft. But quickly grew. We luckily had our umbrella's so we set them up. I shared with Marcio cause he was on my side and plus my umbrella is bigger. Then, seconds later, the rain builds and builder. Until it is literally shooting waterfalls out of the sky! Hahaha. So we book it over to Pingo Doce (the nearest grocery store) And get under the over hang out front. And holy snap.,, We got soaked!!!!! haha. My shoes and skirt were completely drenched in water! And it was cold..... So we decided to just say a prayer with him. And we both went our separate ways so that we could get into dry clothes. ha. And not soaked shoes. I only had my boots. But they have a hole in the side where the sole and the boot part have separated. But they worked. :) I need to get shoe glue for that. We were going to pass this place today to fix our boots. Sister Harper needs to as well. Anyways. It was quite the experience, and super strange because, running with an umbrella, and sharing it with an 18 yr old teenager, in pooring rain, as we are getting soaked by the second.... ya.... weirdest feeling ever! haha. The weather is just ridiculous. Some days it is like summer. And hot. And then we have days like that. wet... But he is amazing! He came to church on sunday. And the members were incredible! They went up to him. Greeted him. And they invited him to a broadcast that was going to happen at another chapel. And got him a ride for that. And also got him an official ride for each weekend to go to church! I have never seen the members so engaged! It made me sooo happy! And it made Marcio feel so comfortable and he loves the ward now for it! The members truly make all the difference! Anyways. We are super super excited for him. :) We also got to serve this week! It is sad cause here we don't get to serve very much.... No one accepts the help. They say thanks, but don't let us do anything. So we passed Edite. She is very pregnant! And it is possible she already had the baby! We will call her today. Her 9 month mark was Friday! But we helped her with her groceries. We passed right at the perfect time! She had just gotten home. So we helped her put her groceries away. And we chit chatted with her for a little bit and shared a message. It was amazing! She is the cutest thing. And so creative! Almost all the decorations in her living room are things she made. It looks like she had boughten them! Anyways, the only sad thing is she hasn't been to church in months. The members say pretty much her whole pregnancy. But she has had a hard pregnancy. She talked to us about that. But she has got a strong testimony still and is planning on going to church every sunday after the baby´s birth. speaking of babies. I still can't believe Brooke is pregnant! haha. Anyways, I love you all so much! I hope life at home is going well and that you are all making good decisions. :) ha. Till next week.
Love Always,
Sister Amanda Stokes

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