Monday, September 15, 2014

This week we found Ivan and Betia. They are super cool! They have already been prepared and are ready for baptism! The only problem that we have is that getting them to church is super hard! The are 15 and 13. And they leave on the weekends to visit family.... We are going to talk to their mom this week and see if they can come to church next week! They have already been taught by missionaries in the past. And church was the problem as well. But with lots of prayers, miracles happen! Especially if it is in concordance with the will of the Lord. And I am pretty sure this is. :) We are super excited about them! We also have another investigator- who we have yet to meet in person. Haha. He was a reference. His name is Neka. He is 17. The missionaries that contacted him had talked to him about chastity in the road. And he still wants to know more! Talk about a miracle! He sounds really cool! He was supposed to be at church... but the saddest thing happened. We called the night before and in the morning. Ha. When we called in the morning he had been sleeping so his voice was hoarse. But, we asked, and he said he would go and that he would ask his mom to bring him to the station that is close to the church. We told him to call us when he got close. We didn't hear from him... So I planned to call him just before sacrament meeting. But I was going to be giving a talk and one of the counselors told me to sit up on the stand. So I gave my phone to Sister Harper to send a message to him. Well. In the end. Turns out he made it to the station. But he couldn't call us or get a hold of us because our number starts with 91. And his with 96. And he didn't have money on his phone! We called after church- and he said that he had been at the station waiting for an hour! I felt aweful!!!!!!!!!!!! He was super sweet though! Next week! But I can't tell you how sad we were! I was a little nervous about my talk. Especially cause in our ward we have Elder Moreira. (Who is an area seventy over three countries) But I tried not to think about him being right behind me. haha. But I don't know if I told you. But we ate at his house once. And we will be eating there again this week. :) They are a really nice family. And his wife. Isabel. Cook really well! Ha. But other than that, and an experience on preparedness-the rain came.... and I hadn't yet boughten an umbrella. And I had spoken on obedience and preparedness. So I included my little experience in my talk. Everyone laughed. :) Oh! And we found a really cool guy the other day! We don't know if he is interrested in our message cause he didn't really let us get to that. But he would be an amazing leader! Turns out, the other day, he was one we had said "good afternoon" to, and to him I said "bom trabalho!" (good work!) cause they were doing construction stuff. And he laughed. Then, we ran into him and he recognized me as the one who had told him "goog work!" haha. It was funny. So we will see what happens! We marked a time to meet with him at the park this week. :) With Vasil being gone, that made one less potential priesthood leader! (Vasil left before he was able to get the priesthood. But he will get it in Italy. :)...)So we need them! Well, I love you all! Stay safe! And have a fabulous week! :)
Love Always,
Sister Amanda Stokes :)

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