Monday, September 8, 2014

Well, today was fun!!! We got to go to a castle in Setúbal. :) I will send pictures. But the work is still going. Though it feels as though we have hit a rough patch since this transfer started.... We have fasted though! I know we are just waiting for the dawn to come! But our other Bulgarian friend came back! We got to talk to him last night. He speaks english actually! Though his mom is Jehova´s Witness, and he is currently studying with them. But he is amazing! Though, since he had left for a month or so, we haven't been able to talk to him much. OH! The rain came out of no where! And then left again. haha. One day (a couple days ago) We left the house with sun. Then.... WHAM! Downpoor! For like 4 minutes and then it abruptly stopped. It happened about 3 times. And it hasn't rained since... hahaha. It was interresting. so our investigator João kinda took a wrong turn. He is Catholic because he was baptized as a baby. But doesn't know a whole lot about the whole religion thing. So we got to our second visit and we had our member, Elizabeth, with us. Well. It started well. We talked about baptism, and read about christ's baptism. But then, out of no where he brought up the debated topics of abortion, hunting, homosexual relationships... etc. Ha. Elizabete saved us. :) But he said he really likes talking to us because these are things he can't talk about with his friends. Let's just say it was an interresting lesson. But, we thought for sure he would be baptized, but now, we will just have to keep working with him... So Vasil left for Italy!! ;( It was so sad saying bye. Though I don't think it has hit me yet... He truly is so amazing! He changed so much! Like, he was already a good person. But just in his way of being, and the happiness that you could see coming off of him. The gospel is incredible! Antonio was also our new investigator. He is from Cabo Verde. But we are worried about him cause we haven't been able to get a hold of him. We had a marked lesson with him, but we wasn't answering his phone.... I got a phone call from sister Decker! Though it wasn't a good news phone call. (My last comp) She is going home on tuesday (3 weeks early) .... I hope she can start feeling better once she gets home and can get some good help. :) She is such a trooper! She´s fabulous! :) But when we got to talk to Vasil on the phone for the last time, the things he said made me so happy! He basically said he has so much to thank God for. For finding us, for the huge blessing of the gospel, for all of his brothers and sisters in the church... etc. And he told us he prays for our happiness and that god will bless us with helth, and good families etc. He is so sweet!  We also got our interview with President! It was really good. He made me feel better about training. He said he is really glad that I am training, and that he knows I am a good trainer. Though sometimes I just wish I could do more to help. But, yeah. Anyways. I love you all! Stay safe!
Love Always,
Sister Amanda Stokes :)

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