Monday, September 1, 2014

 We were making our planners. And this -obviously- is of a temple and so Sis. Briggs took a picture of me with it saying that is where me and Jason will be going soon. Ha. The punk.

 Me and Sister Harper. "Minha Filha" :)
 Our train station! :) We use the train a lot. (We have to take it to get to our church) That is why we are working on getting a church here in Quinta do Conde! The members need one. But I am realizing that this area is really hard... So many don't want to change their lives. Many claim to be catholic, 
but don't go to church, or do anything
 So basically, there are just a lot of people that have 
put God on the side. it is really sad… 
Many don't even pray. It makes me sad.

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