Monday, September 29, 2014

So I don't have much time. But to start off.... HAPPY BIRTHDAY MEGAN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! HOLY SNAP. 16!!?? How is that even possible. That just blows my mind. You weren't ever supposed to be allowed to date. You are my baby sister! But I can't wait! Me and Jason will just have to go on a date with you!!!! Oh how fun! ha. :) But I love you to pieces!!!! And I love all the pictures I get sent! You are too cute! I hope you have a fabulous birthday! So I got transferred! They closed Quinta do Conde.... We were so unhappy about it! Those poor members... But the Sisters in Seixal will try to tend to our area a tiny bit. But that won't be much.... But I am going way up north! To Braga. :) I am excited! My comp is Sister Stewart. She is super cute and lively! I can't wait. This will be a transfer of miracles! She is in her 3rd transfer. So she is still a baby. Just out of training. :) But for updates thats it and I don't have more time... But I love you all so much! Stay safe! 
Love Always,
Sister Amanda Stokes

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